You shouldn't have to be a global enterprise to have a high-quality HR strategy.

Growing companies deserve the same protection, and so do the people who work at them.



About Us


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About Us


Castle HR was founded on the idea that preventing Sexual Harassment in the workplace is possible. We believe that you shouldn't have to be a global enterprise to have a high-quality HR strategy; growing companies deserve the same level of protection, and so do the people who work at them.

We exist to help companies fully adopt healthy best practices and policies that protect their people, covering important topics like preventing Sexual Harassment, Embracing Diversity, and Advocating for Mental Wellness.

What we do

We help growing companies protect their people and their business through comprehensive policies and Sexual Harassment training.

How we do it

Our technology and training create safe and diverse workplaces with inclusive practices.

Our HR Professionals unlock employee engagement with customized performance reviews.

Who we are

We are an experienced team that's making a difference. 

Our HR Professionals each have more than a decade of HR expertise under their belts.

Would you sign it?


Whether we've created an employee handbook, a termination letter, or a performance review for your company, it has to be something we would sign ourselves - as a company owner, and as the recipient. 

The Best Idea Wins

Everything we do is in service to producing the best work for our customers. To this end, a good idea at Castle stands on its own merits - without being propped up by who suggested it. We actively seek diversity in perspective to challenge – and complement – our ideas. 

Measure Twice, Cut Once

This household saying is commonly used to champion accuracy. To us, it also represents teamwork. When we collaborate or rely on a teammate to check our work, we produce higher quality outcomes and strengthen relationships through feedback. 

What our people are saying...

"Having been in HR for over 25 years, I find it exciting to work for a growing company like Castle HR. We consistently support best practices and I like working in a culture that reflects high ethics and standards throughout."

- Marylisa, HR Professional