A Modern Approach to HR

We help early and mid-stage companies get the best from their people, accelerate their growth and protect their business.

Do You Use Modern HR Strategies To
 Increase  Performance &  Attract  Top Talent?

Talent can be the make-or-break issue for success.

If Not, Why Would Top Candidates Join?

Today's workforce has new requests, and if you're not

accommodating, there's NO chance they join!

Traditional HR Is Broken!

Today's workforce wants:


Flexible / Remote Work Options

Safe Workplaces

Personal Growth Strategies

Mental Wellness Accommodations

You need to have clear Modern HR strategies in place,

or most candidates will join a company that does...

Modern HR Is Rocket Fuel!

Our Fractional Modern HR service focuses on increasing the performance and retention of your workforce - dramatically accelerating your growth.

Buy Weekend Car

Drive Weekend Car to Muskoka Cottage

Send Kids to Private School

Work For Someone Else

The above chart depicts three potential paths a company can take while scaling.


The Blue path depicts a "typical success" company who never applied Modern HR strategies and struggled with underperformance and employee churn.

This is a common path, unfortunately.

The Red path depicts a company who had an incident at their holiday party. They used templated policies and received wrong advice on how to address the situation. Resulting in multiple employees leaving and writing bad reviews online, which meant the company lost the ability to hire top talent, and as a result, nose-dived into non-existence.

The final path (Orange) depicts the "new way" or "modern way". They applied modern HR strategies early on, then leveraged their high performance and low employee churn to fuel growth and product development. The Orange path is the path our clients follow.

Who Is The Modern HR Expert At Your Company?

Which one is current on evolving HR trends and employment laws?Has visibility into multiple companies to provide best practices?

And has a proven process?

Probably No One. That's Why Clients Hire Castle HR.

Castle HR's goal is to provide a modern turn key HR solution at a fraction of the cost that can scale with you - either as your sole HR resource or as a hybrid model. 

Our Fractional HR Service provides a full stack solution: Senior HR Professionals, Learning & Development Experts and Efficient Technology Solutions.

Let's see how we can help YOUR company
Our 4 Step Process
1. Share Your Goals & Vision
We'll hold a Strategy Session with you to discover where you want to be.
2. Meet Our HR Professionals
You are paired with a Senior HR Professional who will act as an extension of your team.
3. Create A People Plan
Together, we'll create a customized plan to protect your team and business. 
4. See The Results
There's nothing better than seeing a solid plan roll out smoothly. 
With Castle HR, You're In Good Company
Let's Get The Best From Your People
more sales
more productive
higher employee retention

You shouldn't have to be a global enterprise to have a high-quality HR strategy.

Growing companies deserve the same protection, and so do the people who work at them.

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