Health and Safety
Protecting Your Team and Business

Across all industries, each workplace in Ontario must take certain precautions to ensure their team's safety. As businesses grow, they gain additional responsibilities to protect their people.

No matter your industry or your company size, we'll guide you through your legal requirements and our best practices so everything is up to code.

Sexual Harassment

With a team of 5 of more, Ontario law requires company-wide sexual harassment training.

This includes policies and information to be posted publicly in your workplace.

Joint Health & Safety

As companies grow, there are expanded requirements to protect the health of employees. 

We'll help you set up and manage your Joint Health and Safety Committee at 20 employees.

Annual Reviews

Your obligation includes reviewing the Health and Safety policies and processes on an annual basis.


Our HR team will help you with all revisions and updates. 

You shouldn't have to be a global enterprise to have a high-quality HR strategy.

Growing companies deserve the same protection, and so do the people who work at them.

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