Employee Handbooks

Our HR Professionals will create a bespoke employee handbook of policies tailored to reflect and promote your unique company culture - and naturally, protect your business at the same time. 

The employee handbook is a living document that grows with your business. Castle HR proactively amends your existing policies when new laws pass and drafts new ones as your needs evolve.

Because every employee handbook is drafted, signed, and stored digitally, any amendments are quickly and easily distributed to your team for an eSignature.

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Ongoing Advice

Despite our best planning, sometimes the unpredictable happens. Terminations, hiring, performance corrections, and other personnel situations are common challenges in business and need to be handled properly.

When the unforeseen happens, our team of HR Professionals provides expert advice to help you through it. They'll even draft any documentation that's needed so your business won't miss a beat.

Training Completion

Annual Compliance Training

Bil 132 states that every Ontario company with at least 5 employees is legally required to provide sexual harassment to create related policies and review them annually.


Our online portal contains current knowledge on Sexual Harassment & Workplace Violence and AODA using modern learning methods and testing to ensure information retention. 


With an online training solution, your employees can access the training from any device, audit trails are automatically generated, and new employees are easily onboarded. 

We're Part of Your Team.

Sometimes business and life are unpredictable. Terminations, hiring, performance issues, and other personnel situations need to be handled properly to protect your business.


When the unforeseen happens, our team of HR Professionals provides expert advice to help you through it.

Where do you turn to for professional HR advice?


You shouldn't have to be a global enterprise to have a high-quality HR strategy.

Growing companies deserve the same protection, and so do the people who work at them.

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